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American General Life CompaniesiTunes
American General Life
AGlc iPad Only

American General Life gives you on-the-go access to Rapid Rater for fast, customized quotes for our best selling products:

- AG Secure Lifetime GUL
- AG Secure Survivor GUL
- AG Select-a-Term
- AG ROP Select-a-Term
- Select-a-Term® / ROP comparisons
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Athena Indexed Universal Life (SM)iTunes AXA Equitable Financial Services iPad Only 

Flexible life insurance protection and cash value accumulation potential Athena Indexed Universal Life (SM) combines the long-term death benefit protection guarantees of a universal life insurance policy with the cash value accumulation potential of equity index-linked interest options - a blend of benefits that can be vital to your long-term financial strategy.

Athena Indexed Universal Life (SM), a flexible premium universal life insurance policy with index-linked options, is issued by AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company (AXA Equitable), NY, NY, and distributed by AXA Network, LLC and its insurance agency subsidiaries and AXA Distributors, LLC. These policies have limitations. Certain types of policies, features and benefits may not be available in all jurisdictions or may be different. For costs and complete details of coverage, contact your financial professional. In New Jersey, Athena Indexed Universal Life (SM) is referred to as "flexible premium universal life insurance with equity index-linked interest options." AXA Equitable, AXA Network and AXA Distributors are affiliated companies. All guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of AXA Equitable. GE-62177STR(04/11)

Download this App to see how Athena Indexed Universal Life (SM) can work harder for you.
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Genworth Financial

Click Here for More Information (PDF)

Mobile Solution
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The Index Institute, powered by Genworth iTunes The Index Institute, powered by Genworth iPad Only 

The Index Institute is a learning resource for financial professionals and consumers to better understand index universal life insurance and fixed index annuity solutions.

Financial professionals can boost their knowledge about index products, gain insights about identifying the ideal clients and address their questions, and create effective sales presentations. Whether you’re just starting to learn about index products or you’re a proven pro, The Index Institute has cutting- edge sales ideas, easy-to-understand product information and training, thought-provoking research, and engaging videos that will build your competitive edge.

Consumers can access tools to assess their life insurance protection and retirement planning needs and review case studies on how index products may help them meet their needs.
Included in The Index Institute:
Easy navigating across articles and material, built specifically for the iPad
Consumer educational information
Marketing, sales ideas and more for financial professionals
Regulatory insights from Capitol Hill
Subscribing to content you want to receive more information about, via email or text message
Share information via email

Download today to begin exploring the great tools and resources available to better understand the advantages of index products.

Financial Professionals: Contact your Annuity or Life Representative to learn how to gain access to The Index Institute.

Genworth is a global financial security organization, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. The company specializes in providing financial security and protection through life and long term care insurance, annuities and related financial services.
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ING A.P.P  ING Accumulation & Protection Platform {A.P.P}  

The Sale
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JH MarketplaceiTunes JH Marketplace   iPad Only 

The JH MarketPlace application is designed to provide producers with quick access to the sales materials and tools they need to showcase John Hancock's products and services. This easy-to-navigate app offers up-to-date information on Product, Advanced Markets, Underwriting and New Business -- all easily located, searchable and quickly emailed.

Insurance products are issued by: John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.), Boston, MA 02116 (not licensed in New York) and John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York, Valhalla, NY 10595 MLINY04041216574
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John HancockiTunes John Hancock   iPad Only 

The John Hancock iPad app was created to provide easy access to product information, financial solutions and services. Whether you are an individual that wants to find solutions for your financial needs, a benefit manager that wants to learn about programs for your employees or a financial advisor that wants access to John Hancock's product and contact information when you are on the go, this app will provide easy access.

Features Include:
- Easy access to product information, contact information, frequently requested forms, tools and calculators
- A custom view based on your role as an Individual, Benefit Manager or Financial Advisor
- Ability to customize the content based on your specific interests
- Offline access to the app content including: brochures, forms and videos
- Automatic content updates with an internet connection.
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John Hancock i-IllustrateiTunes John Hancock i-Illustrate   iPad Only 

Gain access to life insurance illustrations with John Hancock's i-IIlustrate application - offering financial representatives a quick, convenient and portable way to provide a life insurance illustration from your iPad. Available to financial representatives, this exciting new app features:

- Full JH Illustrator features and illustration output
- Case sharing capability with JH Illustrator.com
- Save a case to JH Illustrator
- Email illustrations directly from your iPad
- Automatic product and version updates
- Convenient log on using JH SalesNet user name and password.

Insurance products are issued by: John Hancock Life Insurance Company(U.S.A.), Boston , MA 02116 (not licensed in New York ) and John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York , Valhalla , NY 10595 .
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Intended for licensed Financial Representatives and Plan Trustees, this app provides an overview of the benefits John Hancock Retirement Plan Services can bring to a 401(k) plan, and includes:

- essential brochures and materials
- video demos and walk-throughs
- interactive tools

This lets you keep key John Hancock RPS 401(k) resources at your fingertips.
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JH Life BriefcaseiTunes JH Life Briefcase   iPad Only 

The JH LifeBriefcase application is designed to allow producers to interact with existing clients or prospects in a mobile environment. The app allows illustrations (new business and inforce) and book of business reports to be retrieved and stored on the ipad as point of sale material. The data will be seamlessly synced to the user's ipad. This application offers:
- Portability
- Up-to-Date Policy Data
- Ability to organize and manage content
- Keep iPad files in sync and ready to review with clients or prospects.

Insurance products are issued by: John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.), Boston, MA 02116 (not licensed in New York) and John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York, Valhalla, NY 10595.
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LIFE FoundationiTunes LIFE Foundation Needs Calculator HD   iPad Only 

How much life insurance do you need? You can stop wondering. Simply fill in some basic financial information, and this calculator will provide you with a general sense of your life insurance needs.

Keep in mind that everyone's situation is unique, and the amount of life insurance you need depends on a number of variables. So once you've completed the calculation, contact an insurance professional in your community or your benefits manager at work to help you get a complete snapshot of the life insurance coverage you need.

This App was created by the nonprofit LIFE Foundation to help consumers make more informed life insurance decisions. It does not endorse a specific product or company.
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Metlife MetLife Investors Distribution Company

MetLife - Promise Whole Life 120sm Click Here
MetLife - Cash Value Life Insurance as an Asset  Click Here
MetLife - Life Insurance as an Asset  Click Here
MetLife - Life Underwriting eGuide Click Here
MetLife - Provider Universal Life Click Here
MetLife - Promise Whole Life 120sm Click Here
MetLife - Business Owner Strategic Solutions Click Here
MetLife - A New Look on Life Click Here
Mobile Solution
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LifeSalesiTunes LifeSales iPad Only 

Life insurance sales tools and quoting are available at your finger tips using Transamerica's LifeSales iPad app.

Designed specifically for Transamerica producers on the go, LifeSales lets you:
- Calculate a guaranteed monthly income stream along with an optional initial or final lump sum payment via the Income Protection Option tool
- Generate a quote estimate for Trendsetter Super and Trendsetter Express*
- Review, compare, edit and email quote estimates
- Browse marketing resources with the latest sales ideas, flyers, brochures, product guides, presentations and videos

* No quotes are final until underwriting is completed
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Genworth Cost of CareiTunes Genworth Cost of Care iPad Only 


Genworth is the largest underwriter of individual long term care insurance in the U.S.(1) The Genworth Cost of Care App provides a convenient way to view long term care cost details in today’s dollars across various care settings, compare costs across multiple locations and estimate future long term care costs.
The App allows users to:
- View long term care costs on a daily, monthly and annual basis for 437 regions across the United States
- View care costs in different care settings, including in-home care, Adult Day Health Care, Assisted Living Facility, and Nursing Home Care
- Estimate future costs up to 30 years out
- Compare care costs across multiple locations
- Use geo-location functionality to automatically locate an area within the U.S.
- Share, print, or save results
For ten consecutive years, Genworth has conducted long term care cost surveys across the U.S., with an aim to helping families evaluate options to address the increasing cost of long term care. The Genworth 2013 Cost of Care Survey documents the costs for long term care received in-home, through adult day health care services, care provided in an assisted living facility or at a nursing home. Genworth is a leading global financial security company, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. The company specializes in providing financial security and protection through life and long term care insurance, annuities and related financial services. (1) 2011 LIMRA Individual Long Term Care Report. Based on Genworth companies share of in force lives.

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Genworth Financial  Genworth Total Living Coverage (TLC) iPad Only 


Show your customers how Total Living Coverage (TLC) from Genworth Life Insurance Company (Genworth Life) can meet their top priorities-on the spot. In just a few minutes, you can use your iPad to:
- Input customers' top priorities and instantly show them how TLC could meet their needsbr>- Generate simple, compelling, customized charts highlighting the value clients could get for their premium
- Demonstrate how TLC could flex with your customers as their lives and goals evolve

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John Hancock Cost of Care CalculatoriTunes John Hancock Cost of Care Calculator iPad Only 

The John Hancock Cost of Care Calculator iPad app provides a convenient way to view the average current local costs for long-term care in various settings and cities across the country, while also offering the ability to estimate future care needs and the potential costs that could be incurred on an inflation-adjusted basis.

App features includes the ability to:
- View average local long-term care costs on a daily, monthly and annual basis
- View costs in different care settings, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day care, and home-based care
- Hypothetically estimate potential long-term care needs from 0-10 years within each care setting
- View total potential costs for long-term care in today's dollars
- Project total potential costs for long-term care based on inflation, for up to 50 years into the future

Total future cost projections can be used as a way to help understand the potential expenses that may be incurred should someone need care in the future, and to estimate the coverage that might be needed to help protect one's income and assets in retirement.

Long-term care insurance is underwritten by John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.), Boston, MA 02117 (not licensed in New York) and in New York by John Hancock Life & Health Insurance Company, Boston, MA 02117. LTC-1663 2/12
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TransQuote MobileiTunes TransQuote Mobile for iPad iPad Only 

Generating Long Term Care insurance quotes for your clients is now easier and more convenient than ever with TransQuote Mobile for iPad, Transamerica Life Insurance Company's first iPad app. You can now generate quotes for individuals and couples directly from your iPad. Just pick your client's state of residence, enter their age and choose their benefits. That's all! There's no need to boot up your laptop or make a phone call to get a quote because you'll have the power of TransQuote Mobile in the palm of your hand. It's great for presentations because it also can be used with external displays, such as TVs and projectors. Transamerica Long Term Care. We make it easy! This update contains everything you need to quote in all states where product is available including the 28 states where the Shared Care Benefit Rider is approved.The Partnership Product is available for quoting in Connecticut.The TransCare II Product is available for selection in Minnesota and Colorado.
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